What is OYE!?

OYE Mobile allows you to make cheap prepaid international calls with high-quality connections. You can send minutes back home with OYE International Mobile Recharge, or recharge your Canadian prepaid wireless plan with OYE Domestic Wireless Top Ups.
OYE Mobile offers you a low-cost and convenient way to call your friends and family anywhere in the world. You can use the OYE Dialer App to make calls, add funds, send top-ups and earn credits by inviting friends.

International Calling

Pin-less international calls
Balance never expires
No hidden charges
Excellent voice quality

International Mobile Recharge

Pin-less international calls
Balance never expires
No hidden charges
Excellent voice quality

Free Mobile App

Download the OYE App now and enjoy free calls to international cellular numbers for a limited time.

Our app does not use your cellular data to make the calls, nor it drains your battery quickly as other communications apps. Also, the quality does not degrade as we use the GSM network to complete the calls.

You can also use the OYE Mobile App to send payments to mobile phones of friends and family abroad.

Why Choose Us?

Cellurific is amongst the pioneers of distributing prepaid calling services backed by the CellnTell group, one of the largest wholesalers and traders of telecommunication products. We know what it takes to make your business a success.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Cellurific is a ONE STOP shop with presence in more than 60 cities and 10 provinces. We offer services coast - to - coast, we are a TRUE CANADIAN company

  • Competitive Commissions

    We pride ourselves in honesty and trust worthiness. We serve more than 150+ businesses across Canada with a single minded objective to create a WIN - WIN situation

  • Consistent Revenue Stream

    A unique business model with no capital or initial cost, the business ensures that there is a regular income every month

  • Work in Growing Industry

    Cellurific offers sub-dealership in growing sectors e.g. telecom, digital, finance

  • Professional Business Team

    With a combined experience of more than 35 years, the team at Cellurific work tirelessly to create a successful and sustainable revenue stream. Trust and honesty is the unique selling proposition of Cellurific

  • Dedicated Support Team

    You will have the full support of a dedicated Account Manager who is just a call and an email away! We will work with you hand in hand, step by step to ensure your success!

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