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Cellurific is the authorized Master distributor for Bell’s prepaid brand LUCKY. Our approved sub dealers can activate the LUCKY sim cards to grow their businesses and creating additional revenue streams.

  • Attractive Calling Plans

    Cellurific is a Master distributor for the LUCKY brand of "Bell Canda", LUCKY offers very attractive local and international voice, text and data plans. The plans cater to every segment and are specifically designed for maximum benefits.

  • No Credit Checks

    Absolutely no credit checks, no contracts or long-term commitment, BYOD (Bring your own device), pay-as-you-go plan

  • Canada-wide Coverage

    LUCKY operates on the BELL network - Canada's largest Canada telephone carrier. It offers all the security, reliability and availability of BELL.

  • Data Plans

    Very attractive DATA plans available all across Canada with seamless coverage

  • Switching is easy

    Switching between networks is hassle free

  • Automatic Top up

    Top of line LUCKY activation portal enables an auto top-up option resulting in additional 500 MB data from the original plan

  • International Calling

    Very attractive add-ons for international calling for customers to stay connected with their loved ones on very cheap international calling rates

  • Mobile App to Manage Account

    State-of-art mobile app providing the customers all their usage updates - giving them complete control

  • No overflow Data charges

    Data overage feature where in case data limit expires, customers still manage to receive the data at a reduced speed

Best Calling Rates

Canada-Wide Master Dealer

  • Pakistan

    200 mins for $5+tax

  • India

    200 mins for $5+tax

  • Sri Lanka

    40 mins for $5+tax

  • Bangladesh

    200 mins for $5+tax

  • China

    300 mins for $5+tax

  • Phillipines

    40 mins for $5+tax

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